The PAINSTORM® Trade Show Troubleshooting
app helps you to:

Access a wealth of professional input
Optimize work flows
Generate impact
Achieve objectives

Achieve optimal results with less effort.

Set the right focus for your trade show with a structured PAINSTORM® Trade show process

Permanently eliminate trade show pains

Get inspired by the best ideas from professional marketers and create your own PAINSTORM® process dedicated to your project.

Bring your trade show ideas to life

Go through four easy steps to turn your pains into gains and make a difference in your trade show performance.


Turn your pains into gains by identifying the most fitting ideas from over 150 available and turn them into clear actions.
Recognize your pains among 10 categories. Plan and distribute the actions that make you achieve your goals. Record all choices made in your PAINSTORM® process and share them with colleagues. Get access to over 150 ideas on:

  • Getting better leads
  • Aligning your booth staff
  • Making your booth communicate clearly
  • Calculating trade show ROI

No matter what pains you have, the PAINSTORM® Trade Show Troubleshooting app adjusts to your mindset and project. All your choices are saved and documented in the app and can easily be shared with colleagues.

The PAINSTORM® process is simple:


Map pains


Set objectives


Choose actions


Communicate deadlines

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Read what customers are saying
“PAINSTORM is really worth the money. It is a relevant task to dissect your own and other’s perception of what it takes to achieve a good result. And also to make it visible exactly how many factors influences a successful trade fair.” Jean Steen Felber

Head of Brand Management, Mita-Teknik

“My projects and my way of thinking never fit into standard models and rigid forms. The PAINSTORM canvas has given me a freedom to set and keep focus on what’s important right now and here for my business.” Michael Paraskevas

Partner, Arkitekturlab A/S

“Finally I have found the right tool for me. Being responsible for international trade shows I have for a very long time been looking for a tool setting focus on how to optimize my trade show planning – and here it is!” Stine Parsholt Rasmussen

Corporate Marketing Coordinator, AMBU

Blog and news

What trade shows are really about!

Do you work with exhibitions, conferences and what I am eager to call face to face marketing? I do and have done so for more than 20 years now. Back in 2009, when the crisis was at it’s peak, we noticed a number of changes in the market place and I am not talking about the insecurity and apathy deriving from the said crisis. I am talking about the urge and need TO DO BETTER. New players, such as CEO’s and CFO’s started showing an interest in the returns on face to face marketing. In my opinion that came as a bit if a shock to most of us, because we have always been exhibiting, we have always done quite well in doing so… – or have we? No doubt, for hundreds of years, now and in the future, we need to trade, we want to establish or nurture relationships and we have up until now preferred to do so – yes, face to face. PAINS! Over the last 3-4 years I have more and more often listened to complaints, if you will, from both exhibitors and visitors. Both were saying that the quality of the meeting was too low: The exhibitors showed poor skills and commitment “on stage” and the visitors were regarded by the exhibitors in somewhat the same way. If we are to believe this, why are we then investing in meeting face to face at fairs and exhibitions? Even if the above is a rather blunt generalization and exaggeration it does point to some challenges. I call these challenges PAINS! No objectives, no insight in... read more

Why you should clean up your mind…

Planning and executing trade fair participation is a myriad of big and small challenges. It takes a multi talent to master them all. Everything from choosing an exhibition system and designing the booth, to training the booth personnel and collecting qualified leads falls flat on your desk for you to handle. Making a chaos… Not only at your desk but also in your head. In my experience, this is the nature of trade show planning – and a huge challenge to most of us. How to overcome this challenge? First and foremost – cleaning up your mind is essential. Like meditation. Giving yourself the possibility to focus on one thing at a time. And then dealing with every bit of the myriad. One by one. This is the purpose of the new PAINSTORM app developed especially for ambitious trade show marketers, who whish to bring their full potential and ideas into the game. An easy trade show planning process – in only four steps The process is simple. You start by cleaning up your mind by mapping your pains in the app. Every single thing – big or small. Now your head is clear and you can focus on meeting every one of your challenges whenever the time is right. The app leads you through four steps – from mapping your pains to achieving the new goals that have replaced the pains. It is not rocket science. And it could be called old news. But the PAINSTORM app for Trade Show Troubleshooting is the first of its kind. And it takes your trade show trouble and peace of mind... read more

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